Rimowa Luggage

In 1950, a piece of luggage caused a sensation: TOPAS – the first RIMOWA suitcase with the iconic grooves. They are reminiscent of the legendary F13 aircraft, the world’s first all-metal airliner. The underlying idea of minimum weight also links these two classics. Since then, we have continuously refined the original, which still ranks among the world’s lightest and most stable luggage of its class. Its robust aluminum-magnesium shell reliably protects its contents. Perfect interior organization is provided by two individually adjustable Flex-Dividers, so that everything arrives in just the same way it was packed.

All pieces of RIMOWA luggage feature the Multiwheel® system, which guarantees effortless steering and maneuvering on four quality wheels. A further advantage for relaxed traveling is offered by the Add-a-Bag Holder to which an additional piece of luggage can be attached.

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